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Thursday, July 19, 2012

garden update: july 19th

Because we moved, we didn't get to harvest the garden in Russia, but now we have a new garden! Ben's parents started theirs around the same time, so now almost every day we have fresh food on the table. We also started our own new garden (we planted more peas, dill and beets!) We'll have to wait a few weeks before we can get anything from ours, but the peas are already sprouting! So this mostly a parents' Sandpoint garden update, but while we're here we spend time every day helping to take care of it.

This is stir fry made from garden veggies and scallops :-)

And here's the view out our window!


Contemplating Beauty said...

Ah-mazing!!! I so miss having a garden;)

Contemplating Beauty said...

btw--are you adjusting to your new home? do you like the states?

Lublyou said...

thank you, Gina!! we love having a garden :-)
and I love it here in the States - seeing my husband every day and not worrying that we have to be apart again.. also i really love having road trips with the Ben and his family!

Alice Barton said...

you live in my dream place!!!That is amazing. We live in Valencia, in Spain, very nice and all that, but I really would like to move to a place where life was more "LIFE". Not rushing around in a city and living in a tiny apartment. I don't know.. maybe someday.... :)

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