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Friday, July 20, 2012

food carving: a melon flower

food fruit veggie carving melon flower

I carved this melon yesterday and used it as a centerpiece for a dinner table. It was perfect with the yellow and orange flowers that we also have in our dining room. It took me an hour to make this flower but I'm just learning now! :-) Hopefully I'll be faster with more practice in carving fruit and veggies. I am pretty glad with what this melon looks like. And it's not too hard either - I used only one knife - a super thin one. If you are interested I could make a DIY post with step-by-step carving.

photo of carved melon
melon carving flower
fruit carving melon

And here's Uno who was hanging around and helping me as much as he could :-)

furry cat


NatashaTing said...

aw that's super super cute! i thought i'd only see something like that in a classy chinese restaurant. truth!


his little lady said...

how incredible is that melon carving!!!
xo TJ

SuNiL said...

Nice Melon carving post ->
Vegetable Fruits carving is very great art

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