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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

garden update: july 31st

garden beets
garden carrots
garden dill
beets and cucumbers
cherry tomatoes

I feel bad that I had to thin the beets - they are like garden babies to me - but they need enough space to grow and I can't let them get crowded. We didn't just throw them away, they made a really good salad. Tomorrow I'll have to do the same with the little carrots. 

There are the first tomatoes in the parent's garden. They are orange and sweet! 

There are no photos of the peas this time (surprise!) because something unpredictable happened yesterday. Our dog Sam decided that the pea bed would make a perfect hiding spot for his new big bone... It's a disaster right now, I'm not sure which of the peas will survive, so I'll update you on them later :-) 


Unknown said...

how wonderful! Oh, I love the garden updates. I wish that mine would hurry up and grow!

Anna said...

haha, naughty sam. :)
I felt the same way thinning corn for the first time! They were trying their hardest to grow too.
those pictures of the garden are amazing!

Contemplating Beauty said...

hey it's looking GREAT!!!

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