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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

what i wore: russian flower patterns

It's hot and sunny in Sandpoint. Today I feel like playing and the flower shirt is perfect for that kind of mood! I got it from my mom. I don't know where in the first place it came from, it doesn't have a label or anything. Next time I skype with mama I should us her about it.

I love stitched patterns like that. I am trying to imaging a person who stitched it. Many years ago (omg time flies!!) I decorated a couple of clothing pieces with embroidery: I covered my mom's summer dress with sunflowers and a black blouse with silver stars.. I'm sure there were more but I can't remember. Maybe I should create something like it again, I love how it feels to wear a hand-created thing.

Talking about self-made: the shorts you see on the photos are actually my latest DIY project! I also planned to add some patterned fabric on the back pockets. But so far I haven't found any that I would like enough to wear on my butt :-) So for now the shorts are plain.

I think I need to change the shirt now because at 5pm when Ben gets home we go huckleberry picking! So excited! I love going to the forests/mountains and collecting things like mushrooms and berries.. Unfortunately for the clothes and hands the berries leave color and juice all around. I think I might even wear a black t-shirt. Just in case :-) 


Alice Barton said...

You look adorable!!!!
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Anna said...

love the detail to that shirt!!
I know a couple who just left to go camping/huckleberry picking for the weekend! I'm so jealous you and Ben get to do that!! (the black tee is a smart idea) :)

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