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Sunday, July 1, 2012

garden update // June 30

Yesterday we went to the countryside again.
This time it was sunny and warm
and we enjoyed a day out of Moscow.

sweet peas
 sweet peas
 pink cornflower
 purple cornflower
 green sweet peas
 blue cornflower
 red poppy
 red poppy and blue cornflower
 bowl of sweet peas

Finally our peas are ready to be eaten! I don't know how I developed this passion for peas but every year I desperately wait for July to have sweet peas. The last two years I haven't just depended on a farmer's market, we started growing our own pea plants. And I bet these peas are even sweeter and juicier than regular peas from a market! Maybe because we put so much effort and love into them... :-)

Another love of mine is cornflowers. It might be an image from the childhood - a wheat field with peas, cornflowers and poppies. A Russian field in July as a picture of summertime. Now in a city it's hard to see cornflowers athough bunbun sometimes finds a bouquet for me. This year mom grew a little patch of this awesomeness! I spent so much time yesterday jumping around the blooming part of our garden with and without a camera. All this makes me so happy.


Katia said...

One of my favourite parts of summers is the flowers and everything that start to show up! I love it! Those peas look totally scrumptious, totally craving some now!

http://kittysnooks.blogspot .ca/

Unknown said...

It's looking fantastic. I also love to garden. Last weekend we were picking snappea's from the garden. Now I'm just waiting for my tomatoes to ripen a bit. It's such a pleasure.


Unknown said...

your garden is soooooooo beautiful!
it really makes me wish for one, when we are moving to our new place. fingers crossed we will find one with a garden.

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