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Sunday, July 8, 2012

we made it to sandpoint!

We're finally here! It was a long trip but it's so much worth it. We visited our fantastic friends in NYC, traveled across the country and now we are in a beautiful small town in Idaho with Ben's parents. The air here smells incredibly! It's so sweet and rich that now I enjoy every breath like a real treat. We've been pretty tired after the flights and such but we already took a couple of walks around the town - it's very green and blooming. We went to a store and got asparagus, artichoke and reese's pieces peanut butter cups. Also we visited Ben's grandmother in a hospital, it was very touching and I really enjoyed listening to her and getting to know her a little. Later in the week we want to go see a beach and take a hike up to the mountains! Ben goes to work tomorrow (his first day here!!) and I'll try to take some more photos.   
Oh yeah, Ben's parents have the cutest furry cat ever, and there are many squirrels in Sandpoint!


Contemplating Beauty said...

sounds wonderful so happy for you guys to do some traveling! Love that photo of the kitty with eyes closed, so so cute!!!

Unknown said...

So fun! My mom-in-law also has a furry-fatty-looking cat that is so fun to hold. Glad you made it to the States safely. I hope you enjoy it. =)

Katia said...

Ouu so happy you got there safely and happily and are enjoying!

And holy fluff on that cat! Looks like he'd be a fantastic cuddle buddy ;)


Chelsea said...

Wow, that cat is HUGE! Hope you guys have a fantastic trip!

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