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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

on the road

I'm staying up late again crossing out done tasks from my to-do-before-we-leave list. It seems like it will never finish. One day is left before we go, we're mostly packed but everything feels so surreal. Last night I was walking around Moscow with my friend, taking polaroid pictures and planning our next meeting. But who knows when we actually see each other again.

Tonight I scanned our old family photos: all in black and white, developed and printed by my parents. I've never seen these two photos of my mom on a trip back in the 80s. Right now I feel really close to these shots: on a new road, a bit lost but curious. Let's see what it brings us. Any adventure is better than no adventure, right?


Caitlin said...

BEAUTIFUL, I love old scanned pictures, there is just something about film photography that just isn't the same anymore.


Angela said...

J'aime le post! Super!

Angela Donava

Contemplating Beauty said...

i love what you did to the photos, BELLISSIMO!

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