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Monday, July 2, 2012

big news

Hello dears! To everyone who has participated in our little survey, thank you very much! You are so very helpful!

It's 2am here but we just can't sleep and both of us are staring at the shining screens. Some big changes are coming into our life so it feels like we don't have enough time to waste it on sleeping. We're moving to the US this week!! I am super worried about it because I've never really moved away from my family for a long time. And especially that far away. It'\s gonna be 3 flights and two car rides from our Moscow house to our place in Sandpoint Idaho. The places are 11700km (or 7270mi) apart! Makes me somewhat worried..

It's also weird to pack for moving. I've moved before but it was always a family thing, so we just packed all the stuff we had in an apartment and travelled together. Now I have to leave everything behind and only choose the most important things to take with me in one suit case. Yes, I'll try to come back later and get the rest but it's just a very strange feeling. The way I look at the things that surround me at home is different. And on top of that I can't take my bunny with us this time. I promise I'll come back to get her as soon as I can...

On a good side we're very excited! We're going to see Ben's family and to live in a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and a huge lake. After living in a noisy, dusty, big Moscow moving to Sandpoint sounds like heaven.We'll keep you posted on our new life of course!

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And I want to show you a few photos that Ben took in Sandpoint last summer:


More here, here, here and here! :-)

Happy week to all of you!


mel said...

Wow, what a huge move!
All the best to you!
I did a single suitcase move when my boyfriend and I lived in France for a year and wow it was tough to pack.
Good luck!

Angela said...

J'aime les photos! Super post!

Angela Donava

Katia said...

Holy moly! Sand point looks beautiful, what an exciting (but surely daunting) move! AND you'll be so much closer to where I live ;) Hahahahaha! Well... still far. But closER anyway..... Best of luck to you guys and I really hope it works out smoothly :)


Contemplating Beauty said...

oh you are doing more than traveling you are moving!! why the move? that is all exciting and so very different all in one, what changes is right!

Unknown said...

Just came across this post now. WOW! What a big move. W will be moving to Sydney from London and I feel exactly what you mean.
We have both moved before but for me this is my biggest move! Especially because we are planning to stay there for good.

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