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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bozeman, we love you!

We love Montana and we love spontaneous adventures. Last Friday when Ben got off work we hopped into  a car and drove away! Bozeman is very remarkable for us because it's where Ben and I met 3 years ago! We really wanted to go back and visit this town at some point, to see how it changed and go to the places that we remember. Most of our friends moved away but we hoped to see at least some people who were still there.

The drive took us way longer than we estimated... It became dark pretty soon after we left, there were many construction sites on our way, as well as trucks and wild animals, and at night it started heavily raining! We arrived at 4am.. I'm so glad Ben booked a hotel in advance and we didn't need to wander around at night. 

On Saturday we visited all the possible thrift shops in the town, got some really cool film cameras and records; then we walked around Montana State University (Ben graduated from it in 2009) but no one was there on Saturday; later in the day we were lucky enough to see some friends of mine from my old job! At night we went bar hopping but it didn't last too long because it's just not the same thing without a crowd of friends. 

On Sunday we had coffee with two of my very good friends who luckily were in town after long travels, then we went shopping for a little more and at 3pm we were on our way home. The drive home was shorter because we covered most of the distance in daylight.

Our overall impression is that Bozeman is growing, they are building and opening new stores, cafes, businesses, anywhere you go there are many people buying, eating, drinking, etc. It's a very good sign! 
Also it was so nice to know that there are people far from you who remember you and who are always happy to see you. We love you, Bozeman!


Katia said...

Sounds like a great little trip down memory lane! Hehe I like the picture of the cowboys, I just watched Hidalgo last night so it made me think of that :P


Katherine said...

beautiful imagery? awesome little small town travels? cute couple? i LOVE your blog. love it. and these photos are beautiful. i've never been to montana - but i never actually thought much of bozeman. other than it is the city my husband's ex girlfriend randomly ended up in from southeast ohio, i haven't heard much about it. i actually am glad to see someone bringing a small town to light in such a positive way - i LOVE it

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

haley said...

Cute, sounds like a wonderful little adventure :) So glad I found your blog today! These pictures are lovely!

Ashley Kelly said...

How great to go back to where you two met! I love little Montana towns, although I haven't been to many.
Newest follower, by the way :) Drop by and say hello sometime!
Of Thoughts and Things

Anonymous said...

What a cute place! I love the cowboys. This was the perfect link for my link-up today, thanks again! :)


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