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Monday, August 13, 2012

lomography monday: thrifted in montana!

lomo cameras keystone kodak duaflex sonar

We spent last weekend in Bozeman, Montana. And of course we had to explore all of the local thrift shops! Luckily we found these pretty little cameras! From left to right: Keystone Twenty 8mm movie camera (Ben wanted one for a long time - it's so perfect!); Kodak Duaflex IV with Kodet lens; Sonar Onestep SX 70. 

There is no way to test a film camera right on a spot, so we just opened everything we could, clicked on all the possible buttons and decided the cameras should be OK. Later we walked in a film store on Main street and purchased 600 film by Impossible Project to test our "new" polaroid. This camera uses SX 70 type of film but the store didn't have it and 600 film can be easily modified to fit into this kind of camera. When we inserted the film the camera made all the necessary sounds and ejected the black slide. Our celebration didn't last too long because when we pushed the shutter button nothing happened! I've spent most of this morning reading many-many topics related to this problem, watching how-to videos on youtube, checking a battery, the film pack, a pick arm and everything I could. No luck so far. And it seems like a pretty common problem discussed on the photo and camera forums. No solution for our case though... Anyone had this problem and solved it?

The other cameras that we got will take more time before we find out if they work or not. I think I'll try adjusting 35mm film for the Duaflex camera, I watched some video tutorials about it. There's no way I could find any 620mm film for it around here. And I don't have a spare 620 spool to wind 120mm film on it. I'll post the results later!

Anyways we're open to any advises if you have experience with these cameras. And I'll be posting more about each one of them when we get the results.

sonar onestep
kodak duaflex


Contemplating Beauty said...

those are amazing!

Tamara (Fishy Face Studios) said...


Laura Nelson said...

Amazing finds, lucky girl! Are you going to try to find film for any of them?

Katherine said...

lucky ducks! i am super jealous!!!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Allison Taylor said...

uhhh exploding with jealousy right now. These cameras are freaking amazing!

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