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Monday, August 6, 2012

lomography monday: diana f+ cmyk from russia to the us

We got the last of the three "traveling" 120 mm rolls developed on Saturday. It went through many airports and x-rays but almost didn't get any fog. I have no idea why the other roll got the rays all over it and this one has a couple of foggy shots but mostly it's fine. Actually maybe it's because of using flash that makes the photos brighter and the fog less visible. If you have a better explanation please tell me about it, I really want to know! And if you didn't see my post about the x-rayed film roll you can find it HERE.

We were really excited to see those happy faces (and sometimes only headless bodies ooops) that we miss from Moscow and New York.. And here are also some photos from our latest adventure - an after-dark mountain huckleberry picking! We collected more than a gallon, by the way. It's so awesome to mix Greek yogurt with huckleberries for breakfast! (even not only for breakfast :-)) 


Katia said...

Lovely photos! I like the overlayed image of the one with people hugging / with their arms around eachother? Really trippy and cool :)


Eatlovemerry said...

Hi there! You won the giveaway on my blog : http://www.benlovesting.com/2012/07/flauntlabel-giveaway.html

Please email me! x


xix said...

Oh wow, that Diana camera is ever so colorful! I really like it :) your photos have such a cool, almost other-worldly effect. What a great set to look back on in the future.
I just found your blog via Ben Loves Ting, actually, and I really love it! I hope we can keep in touch. :)
♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

Unknown said...

These pictures are so sweet. My next camera may just have to be this cute little beauty. Thanks for sharing

Lublyou said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, friends!!! We love hearing from you!

Katia, thanks! yeah, this is my favorite photo, too!

Ting, thank you! Emailed you!

Xixia, cool! Lets stay in touch!

Bekuh, welcome! I hope you get this one, we'll be camera twins! :-) it's a really neat camera!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for commenting :) Your photos are great and looks like you had a lot of fun! Are lomography cameras expensive to develop?

d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

Lublyou said...

Danielle, thanks for your comment! Just like any film cameras (depends on what type of film you use, this one is 120mm) - in Russia it was about $6 for developing and scanning, here in Sandpoint, USA it is about $15 for the same thing.. But we're in a small touristy town now, maybe in a bigger city there are more laboratories to choose from and cheaper options :-)

Anonymous said...

Too cool! I've had a Diana camera for years now but still haven't gotten around to using it! Your pictures turned out beautifully, definitely inspiring to actually start! Haha.


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