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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lomography Monday: Polaroid Sun600 LMS

polaroid sun600 lms

We thrifted six different polaroids recently. And we are in love. Lomography is all about experimental analogue film photography, so I figured, I could add our old polaroids to this topic. When we shoot with polaroid film we get many unexpected effects, light leaks, undeveloped spots, etc, just like when we work with film cameras! So, from now on I'll be posting about polaroids and polaroid film on Mondays, too. Today I have Polaroid Sun600 LMS here to show you.

polaroid sun600
polaroid sun600 LMS

It's a basic 600-series box camera which features a 116mm single-element plastic lens, fixed focus, electronic shutter and a built-in electronic flash. You can watch a commercial from 1983 HERE. Pretty cute. This camera uses 600 type film from The Impossible Project.

cat and polaroid
cat and polaroid camera

We found these two in the same thrift shop. One for $4, another one for $8. That day I forgot to take a used film pack with me to check the cameras in the stores, so we decided to get both of these and check them at home. They both work. Both perfectly. I don't know what the difference is. Now one is loaded with white frame color film and one with black frame black and white. Here's what we got so far:

impossible polaroid film
the impossible project bw film

PS: I left my scanner in Moscow, so these are just photos of polaroids. :-)
PPS: Happy Labor Day to our American readers! Have a great Monday!


Wendy Annabeth said...

How fun! I love these photos!

Katia said...

Ouah I am SO jealous - I've been trying to get my hands on a working polaroid for ages, but they don't seem to be a regular find at the thrift stores here :( :(


Harri Davison said...

What great finds, I'd love to give these a go x

Sara said...

Yay more cameras, and a cute cat! Keep em coming :)

-Sara, Road to the Heart

Unknown said...

I'm always a sucker for a cameras and photos of cameras. Really nice shots and thanks for coming to our link up. :) xx Tamara

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