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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

at the beach

sandpoint statue of liberty

This is what Sandpoint city beach looks like. Last Sunday everyone went to the beach to watch sailboat races. Ben and I watched a movie very late on Saturday night, so we decided to skip the beginning of the race and slept in. We got up at 10. I dressed in a new skirt that I got in Spokane on Saturday and we strolled down to the beach. On the way there we stopped at Starbucks, got lattes and cakes. Then we sat on the white sand and ate our breakfast while watching Ben's parents paddling around the yachts. 

sandpoint beach
lake pend oreille
lake pend oreille statue of liberty
lake pend oreille beach
sailing lake pend oreille
sandpoint city beach
city beach sandpoint

We decided to grill salmon for dinner and went to a store to get charcoal. At the store I was jumping with happiness - Halloween candy has finally arrived! I've been waiting for Reese's pieces peanut butter pumpkins for 3 long years :-) haha i know it sounds crazy but I'm so much into peanut butter cups and especially pumpkins - they are so awesome! So we got a pack of those and some other candy, too. 
We grilled salmon with dill and wala wala onions from our garden (the best onions I've ever had!) for dinner. And watched a French movie after that. Sunday was so good.

sandpoint city beach park


The Management said...

ohhhh I love the reese pumpkins too! they really are the best!

Harri Davison said...

Looks beautiful, makes me crave a holiday! x

Chelsea said...

Ahhh so beautiful! Love your photogrpahy!

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