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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lomography Monday: Polaroid 210 Automatic Land Camera

polaroid 210 land camera

It's Monday! Time to talk about film cameras. I want to say a big "Thank you!" to Benjamin - without him this post wouldn't have been possible. I'll explain later.

Polaroid 210 Land Camera

We got this Polaroid Land 210 camera on Ebay. It is beautiful: it collapses, it focuses when you move the tabs left and right, it has an electric eye that measures how much light gets in and it sets the exposure. It takes 100 series peel-apart film, Fuji FP-100C, Fuji FP-100B and Fuji FP-3000B.

Polaroid 210 Land Camera
Polaroid Land batteries

The batteries are the biggest issue that we came across. The shutter and light meter are powered by an old type of a battery that can't be found anywhere today. Ben took charge and successfully converted our Polaroid to use AA batteries! He watched this video on YouTube and followed the instructions. And after that everything was easy: we loaded film and made a few shots. We used Sepia Polaroid Type 100 film expired in 2009 and it turned out pretty well. The box of film has the table that explains how to develop film: depending on the temperature in the room there's a longer or shorted developing period for each shot. This YouTube video is very informative, too, it shows the whole process of taking pictures with Polaroid Land camera.

folded Polaroid Land Camera
case of Polaroid 210 Land Camera
Polaroid 210 Land Camera

I'm so glad this camera works now! We have a Fuji FP-3000B film pack (expires in 2013), an original Polaroid Land film pack 3000 ( exp. in 1968) from Ebay and two of Sepia Paul Giambarba Edition Polaroid Type 100 film packs (exp. 2009) that we got from The Impossible Project. Lots of opportunities to experiment. I'll be posting again when I get more film shot.

polaroid film fujifilm


Sarah said...

I'm so glad to see that your photos turned out! I have one of these that I bought from Goodwill that I've only been using as decoration. I'll definitely have to check out those videos and see if I can get mine to work. Thanks for the post!

Matthew Spade said...

what is a massive piece of kit, how much did you get it for?

Lublyou said...

Mat, I got it for $10.00 on Ebay :-)

Chelsea Olivia said...

Since I've been following you, I've wanted to buy a polaroid camera!!

Melanie said...

There is definitely a magic to polaroids!

Renée said...


Unknown said...

Jessica Who? sent me. I love the 70's style photos that come out of these old cameras.

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