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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what Ben wore: blue jeans

man floating
coat||Ride Snowboards; scarf&sweater||from Moscow; jeans||Selected via ASOS; boots||Dickies

As you might have read, we received free glasses from Firmoo a while back -- lots of people did.  I'm not wearing them here, these are actually similar glasses that I got in Korea a couple of years ago.  Anyway, they asked if I'd be willing to share an image with them on their website, which I did.  One of the comments the photo received was: "A kind father?"  I guess I'm old enough to be a father, but I'm much cooler, and I can't let that pass as my reputation on the internet, so I made an effort to look less kind in this post.

As Katie mentioned in her last post, I've been wearing lots of colorful pants recently.  And as I've mentioned before, my tendency in the past has always been to play it safe and wear things that don't make me particularly stand out.  I have liked colorful pants for a while but was not brave enough to wear them.  I'm not sure if it's age or what, but I finally don't care that much what other people think of my pants, so I've really been enjoying them. I need a haircut, though.

Closing an important deal.


Chelsea Olivia said...

loving your guys' style as usual. I think it's great how you both post on here! and the last photo/caption makes me laugh :)

aspen summit said...

my husband would never let me take pics like this, totally jealous! this is awesome and i'm super happy i found your blog today =)

sweet harvest moon said...

Love it!

Matthew Spade said...

what a setting for some photos, how did that not get a mention? seems like you've embraced them, good on you

Alli said...

That's awesome you feel more comfortable taking style chances, I've been encouraging my husband to do the same. I love the bright blue pants and dark top.


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