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Saturday, March 9, 2013

we went to the beach and listened to seagulls

clasps on sweater
at sandpoint beach idaho
Sandpoint beach and mountains
sandy beach in Sandpoint
mountains Lake Pend Oreille
lake Pend Oreille beach
winter beach shoes

Happy days are back: we go to the beach and it's not covered in snow any more! Soon there will be grass in the parks and we'll have picnics during our lunch breaks! Today was especially good: warm, a little bit breezy and the air smelled so tasty! Spring is definitely taking over our lives - we've even changed our food habits recently by making and eating more fresh salads and greens. The farmer's market is coming back to town in a month and a half and I am so very-very excited! Oh, it reminds me I should go prepare peas to be planted. See you all later!


Areeba said...

So happy to hear that winter is over. It was a while to see the sun shining and feeling the warmth of air. Have a good day :)
Aree With Umbrella

Magical Daydream said...

Ahh I would love to go to the beach too! Unfortunately that is quite a long drive..

Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Hooray for spring coming! Yesterday while I was skiing I looked at town and said it looked like spring. It's coming, but it won't totally be here for at least another month!!

jen said...

That scenery is gorgeous! I love the mountains in the distance with the beach up front. Found your blog through meandmr.com and can't wait to read more!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures as usual...I can't wait for spring.

Kelly said...

That sweater is gorgeous and I love these photos!

Sparkles and Shoes
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Katia said...

Ohhh no now I am craving going to the beach soo badly, even if it'd still be cold here and the weather is not super nice, it'd just be so great to go and breathe in the fresh air!! Ahhhhh.


Matthew Spade said...

what views, really great images. think this is what i love about your blog the most, the views!

Unknown said...

This makes me think that I take the beach for granted...I too can't wait for picnics and concerts in the park! -Jessica L

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