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Friday, March 8, 2013

when we come to Ben's parents and make pizza

homemade pizza dough
homemade pizza with pesto and artichokes
pizza homemade mozzarella bacon
yellow lab dog
homemade baked pizza and salad
norwegian sweater and homemade pizza

Actually, Ben's dad makes pizza and we all eat it. He also makes pies, grilled salmon, steaks, etc., etc, - we love everything he makes, and he is the usual cook since he likes doing it. Sometimes someone else cooks and it's always very-very good, too. We come at least once a week for a family dinner: we all watch funny videos and photos on Ben's phone, cook, tease Sam dog, discuss what happened at work, eat, then finally watch an after dinner movie or show (something like Firefly/Jeeves&Wooster/whatever else is on the shelf) or play games ( Pictionary was a big hit this season!). 

Right now Ben's parents are on vacation in Hawaii (!!) and we are housesitting/babysitting their dog and cat (and their freezer full of meat in the garage). I can't wait for them to be back, so we can have dinner and listen to their vacation stories!


Unknown said...

this looks absolutely fantastic!

Betty said...

I think you should have him do a pizza recipe post! Those pizzas look amazing!! You are so lucky that you get to have family dinners so often! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I would be tempted to finish the whole pizza by myself!

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