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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lomography Monday: gray Spokane and more moose

moose in Sandpoint Idaho
mama and baby moose eating a tree in Sandpoint
moose in Sandpoint yard
moose in snowy yard in Sandpoint
Spokane streets
Spokane neighborhood
Spokane WA in February
milk bottle building in Spokane
Spokane market

Today I'll share more photos we shot on our Juice box film camera in February. One day we were driving in Sandpoint to Ben's parents, and there was mama moose and baby moose right on their street! Chewing on the trees, looking into the neighbor's windows... Of course I had to take a few photos of them on film! I'm glad we always have a few different cameras with us wherever we go. 

On the same roll I have photos from our weekend trip to Spokane, WA. As you can tell it was gray and humid, but I kind of like these shots for a contrast.. I'm planning on shooting many blue-sky/green-grass shots in the next few months. A few gloomy ones are good for the collection. They prove that the juice box camera works well in all conditions!


Katia said...



Brooke said...

I can not imagine seeing a moose that close! How awesome!

Betty said...

It looks like you paid a visit to the Garland District while in Spokane! I love that little zone...did you stop at the Garland theatre? One of my faves!

sweet harvest moon said...


Because of Jackie said...

Stop it with the moose! Are you serious? Crazy!

On another note, I think I noticed you are a "no reply blogger", which means I can't reply to you through email when you make comments. If you go into the settings, check the box that makes your email public (if you want!) Then you can get replies to comments you make on blogs:)

Pony Chops said...

Beautiful photos!
I have never seen a moose in real life, so I think it would totally freak me out to see them in the garden!! They're very beautiful creatures though

Unknown said...

Love love love your blog! New follower:) Lomography mondays are my favourite, you take beautiful photos!


s said...

ahhhh these make me want a film camera EVEN MORE.

Martha Hokenson said...

That's so awesome that you were up in my neck of the woods! I've never seen a moose that close before but I have friends who have caught them right near the porch! Your photos are all so beautiful. New follower <3

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