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Monday, May 6, 2013

Lomography Monday: Diana mini spring shots

diana mini film
film camera diana mini
diana mini camera half frame
film photos diana mini
lomography double exposure
film double exposure
film lomography
diana mini lomography

This post took way too long to put together thanks to my dying laptop. I guess I don't have much luck with gadgets lately, this also refers to my new Diana mini film camera. There is some problem with its mechanism, it stops winding film after fra, 10-15.. I used two rolls of film and both of them were jammed almost at the same spot. Those photos that I shot with the Diana are great, though. I shot half-frames but they were cut individually at the film lab. Now we're deciding what to do with the camera: try to return it to Amazon or follow an online DIY and fix it ourselves...


mizhenka said...

These are great, but I understand your frustration at the film jamming. The first time I used my Diana Mini, this happened after two shots, and the film tore when I attempted to advance. Luckily, it's worked okay since. The last camera I used, Olympus OM-10, seems to have the same problem, and I also only got around 15 shots. Are you able to return it for replacement?

helen said...

so pretty! these film shots are AMAZINGGGGG

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