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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mineral Point Trail

beautiful beach lake pend oreille idaho
valentich backpack
flying butterfly
hiking in mineral point Idaho
Mineral Point Trail
Mineral Point Trail beach campground
garfield bay sagle idaho
green monarchs and lake pend oreille
mineral point trail idaho
mineral point campground
spring hike idaho
picnic table
Hike // Mineral Point Trail No. 82 near Garfield Bay; Ben's backpack // c/o Valentich Bags

It was one of the best days so far this spring, very sunny and warm. We couldn't decide what to do but didn't want to just stay inside in such a perfect weather. I was trying to convince Ben to go to some waterfalls but after reading about that place online we quickly realized that there wasn't any official public access. A bit disappointed, we opened Sandpoint Online and just looked on a map of Lake Walks, found the closest one that we haven't hiked yet and quickly packed into the car.

The drive down there along the shore of Lake Pend Oreille with music and cold coffee was nice itself, but the trail exceeded all of my expectations. It's absolutely fantastic: the views are gorgeous, flowers are everywhere, it smells like pine trees in the afternoon sunshine, there is even a hidden beach and a campground! This hike stole my heart! Now I'm dreaming of a camping trip there later in the summer, watching the sunset and the sunrise, eating wild strawberries off the mountain slopes and just escaping from everyone for a weekend. What a perfect place! I guess I shouldn't advertise for it too much, and better keep it secret :-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! It seems like a great place to go camping.

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the photos from your camping-trip-to-be!


mizhenka said...

What a beautiful place!

Katia said...

Absolutely beautiful - holy cow! I wish there were somewhere like this close enough to me to go on a day trip. I suppose that's the problem with living in a big city, ahhh!


Betty said...

We did this hike last summer and loved it! And the campground on the beach is one we are planning on trying this summer!

Matthew Spade said...

it does look perfect, even if it's not the place you actually were hoping to get to. i long to hike around beautiful ranges like this. nice shorts

shine star said...

Nice photos !~
It's amazing place i think ;D


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Wow! So beautiful! And there is even a nice little beach. Perfect for camping, I think!

Unknown said...

Wow! Such a beauty!


Unknown said...

Nice pictures and lovely weather for cycling!

Hannah G. said...

these are SO GORGEOUS.

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