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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a week or so ago

fish father's day card
breakfast at the Readery Sandpoint Idaho
Pet Head 'Mommie & Me' Dog Nail Polish
russian colorful summer veggie salad
Sandpoint City Beach
Sandpoint beach statue of Liberty
Lake Pend Oreille sunset

I can't move on without leaving a note about Father's Day 2013. It was such a great weekend! We had breakfast with Ben's parents at "The Readery," which is our favorite place to eat so far this year. We had so much fun putting together a gift bag for Ben's dad.  The pink toenail polish for Sam-dog was the highlight. It was hilarious to reveal that the "dog's dog" had hot-pink nails. He didn't even notice, of course, and sat patiently while we petted him and painted them.

In the evening we went to the city beach and had an "international meals" picnic with friends, watched a train shooting fire while driving across the bridge (scraping the track), and enjoyed the lake Pend Oreille sunset.  If you're visiting Sandpoint - no matter what you came here for... go to City Beach, 3rd avenue pier, the bridge or anywhere overlooking the lake and watch everything change colors, and say "Hi!" to the mini Sandpoint Statue of Liberty!  Sandpoint is the best in summer!


Anonymous said...

That card with the fish is cute!

Briseidy said...

love this photos!

lanlettie said...

Gorgeous! Sandpoint is definitely on our little adventure list. I'll have to show my Ben those sunset pictures ;)

Unknown said...

such gorgeous photos! you're alwats having such a lovely time! xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Anonymous said...

love these photos!

Unknown said...

ahahaha pink dog nails!!!cute!

Matthew Spade said...

i had to double take then with the nails!

Katia said...

I gave the same fish card to my dad last father's day!! He looooves puns. And that card is so perfect haha!


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