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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lomography Monday: Montana, farmers' market, blueberries and a cat

film photo Farmers' Market Sandpoint
Festival at Sandpoint and blueberry farm
blueberry farm near Sandpoint Idaho
Bozeman Montana
film photos Golden Half
Olive street house Bozeman Montana
Lewis and Clark motel Bozeman Montana
ladybug garden clogs

One of the many reasons I love film photography is that you can actually put a roll of film somewhere in the house and forget about it for a long time! Or sometimes you can just leave it inside the camera, put it on a shelf and not use it for awhile. This is exactly what happened to this roll of film from last summer! We have quite a few cameras around the house (I should count them and make a list when I have free time!), so it just happened that I took my Golden Half on a hike recently and without any thought opened it to load a new roll of film.. Luckily, I realized pretty quickly that it wasn't empty - I had to actually develop the photos to remember when they were taken! I absolutely forgot about all of these and I'm so excited to share them now!

So, here we have: Ben and I at the farmers' market in Sandpoint, pictures from our August road trip to Bozeman, Montana, our awesome friends, the house where Ben used to live, the blueberry farm adventures, Uno the furry cat and my ladybug garden shoes! I'm left to wonder what was on the pictures that I wiped out by opening the camera oh so mistakenly. From now on I'll try to stick something to each camera with a roll of film in it to avoid flashing the memories in the future.


Lena Elise said...

blueberries blueberries blueberries! mmmm they taste like summer. :)

This Lovely Little Day

Briseidy said...

love all of these pictures, nice surprise huh?

Missy said...

These pics are great. I especially love how happy the cat looks in the one photo!

I have a Diana and I have not developed my film yet. I think some of my photos are from snow days in Pennsylvania at Christmas!

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