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Sunday, July 10, 2011

apple mocha trail

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? 
Moscow was stormy, rainy and cloudy - but it couldn't stop us from enjoying the weekend! We took a bus down to a huge starbucks (the sign on the building is unbelievably massive!, got our mochas and walked to an apple orchard when it strated raining again. I love green apples when they are small and very-very sour - it's a taste of childhood! I loved eating everything that grew in my grandmother's garden before it gets ripe. So did we and i even shoot a short video of Mister eating a super green, hard, sour and juicy apple. 

When our teeth couldn't stand it any more and it stopped raining we went further to the lakes. It was nice and calm, we hardly met any people and experienced a few more summer showers before we got home. 

And today I had a big cooking triumph! For dinner i made veggies and super tender pork with hollandaise sauce and it was great!! No pictures though as it all dissapeared immideately :-)

How did you spend this July weekend? Our next weeknd plan is in progress, so we'd be happy to hear some ideas ;-)

And here's a little dessert: Honey badger don’t care... (found at life is BANANAS)


homeseed said...

those apples look peachy & mysterious!! SO fun!

Lublyou said...

Hi Kristen! Thanks a lot! And thank you for pinning our pancakes! ;-)

another feather said...

Loving how your top matches those apples. what a lovely trail..

Lublyou said...

Thanks, Hannah! Yes, we were surprised too that it matched because we didn't plan to find the apple trees.. :-)

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