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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

instax mini 7 - designed for fun

Hello everyone! How is it going? Craving some nostalgia? Remember those old polaroid photos coloring themselves right before your eyes and making you tremble with joy? Yes it is back! Fuji offers new designs, new colors, new sizes - the same thrill!

We are the happy owners of Instax Mini 7. They come in white with a pink or blue side! You can even go for the Hello Kitty version if you dare ;-)

The camera is easy to use: just pull out the lens and push a shutter button for a credit card sized instant picture! The camera uses 2 CR Lithium batteries (we haven't changed them since we got the camera last fall) and Instax mini film which is widely available in white/colorful/Disney/Hello Kitty design.

And some little drawbacks. First of all, although it weights less than a pound it's still too big to carry it in your pocket or a purse -- it's not a tiny camera type which you can always have with you wherever you go. Really, i would have more pictures if my instax fit in my purses and didn't make them look so chunky.

And the last thing to remember: the viewfinder is not perfect which i guess is true for the most "toy cameras". When you look through the viewfinder, check all edges of the frame to make sure they are lined up the way you want them. If you don't check, sometimes you end up with a picture that is shifted to the right or left and something gets cut off. Sometimes it's safest to be far enough away from a subject that you can clearly see that they are all the way in the frame when you take the picture. The camera can't focus if you are too close anyway -- and remember, part of the fun of polaroid and lomo cameras is the slight lack of control over the result.

Price: $70-90

Happy Snapping!


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Hi!!I like your blog so much, you look really great!Many funny pics!
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Annette said...

I LOVE fujifilm instax, it is such a fun camera! But I agree, I would take so many more photos if I could bring it with me to more places! Cool post :)


Anonymous said...

how cute! I love toy cameras.

whiterice said...

Love your guy's blog! It is a fantastic idea and seriously the sweetest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

What a cool little camera!

vanessa • withgreatheart.com • attractive, affordable blog + web design said...

Love the outcome of these! Adorable pictures!

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