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Saturday, July 23, 2011

look around

Hi Benjamin and everyone! You probably already know that i love nature. I can't even describe how much i enjoy the feeling of the wind touching my skin, the sound of trees moving in forests, the greenes of fields, the smell of the sea.. Although i appreciate all the opportunities a big city gives me i still dream of living with more trees and mountains around than buildings and bus stops. We usualy try to go to the countryside every weekend and of course i have my cameras with me - as many as i can fit in a bag haha Does it make you realize how many photos i already have from countryside summertime 2011? Here are some of them!

And some creepy news: my mom bought a Flytrap plant! I'm so excited to see it in action! No bugs here though, they don't make it so high to get into our windows which is a good thing i guess.

Ben wrote another Story
awesome art
miss these places!

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Lublyou said...

Dearest bun, I love you and I can't wait to feed flies to your plant ;-)

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