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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

spontaneous adventures

Lenin and our team
Hello everyone! I've been feeling bad lately for leaving the blog for so long.. but my trip to Kostroma was worth it! I didn't plan it in advance which explains my sudden disappearance. Till the last day i kept dobting if i should go or shouldn't. I don't regret going at all -- that was such a great get-away! There were 17 of us, most of us were Russians, there was one Spanish guy from Barcelona and one American from Texas. We experienced a fireworks festival, Volga river swimming, guitar singing in a train and parks, a town birthday celebration and much more. We even think of going once again the next year! Wanna join? ;-) Here are some more pics to convince you:

a window view from my hostel room
an average street in Kostroma town
PS: Thanks to Benjamin for keeping us posted while i was away! Only 14 days are left till the biggest fun ever strats! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben and Katie!
Thanks for the comments!
It seems like your trip was amazing, what beautiful photos!

I take both film and digital photos! The canoe photo IS film! Good eye! I really love the look and feel of film photography, so I like to use both! Its an expensive hobby though, so I have a LOT of undeveloped film! ;)


shari said...

I love the photos!! Especially the one out of your window. Gorgeous view of birch (?) trees! What an exciting time you must have had!

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