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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in review: april

April is always my favorite! My birthday is in April, spring usually comes to Moscow at that time and all the good things happen. This month was one of the greatest ever! First of all, Benjamin arrived to Mosow to be with me, to live here and work; on my birthday we had a blast going to a zoo with my family and eating cotton candy (it's a tradition!!); and almost right after that B and I went to Europe to travel for a month and meet B's family! I couldn't wish for it to be better! We traveled through Spain, France, Norway and Sweden! I had so much fun with my awesome travel companions - you can see it from the pictures below.

But this isn't all.. Benjamin kept one secret till the very end of the trip.  On the 23rd of April on a hill with a fantastic view over Stockholm my Mister proposed to me! What did I tell you? EXCITING April! :-)


Anonymous said...

ooh, cotton candy! I haven't had it in forever. And I had no idea you guys were engaged! Yay!

Lublyou said...

hi Debbie! yeah, cotton candy is my favorite! did you know you can make some at home? Just look at this: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/nostalgia-electrics-ccm-505-vintage-collection-cotton-candy-maker/22449059?cm_mmc=google+product+search-_-q000000630-_-nostalgia+electrics+ccm+505+vintage+collection+cotton+candy+maker-_-82677135056&ean=82677135056&r=1

ouphh long link :-)

Lublyou said...

and we didn't really tell anyone except our parents about the engagement yet haha so you are among the first people to know that :-)

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