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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day recap

This was a very special day for B and me: it was the first every Valentine's Day we celebrated together (last year boo was in Korea and we celebrated through packages and skype), and... we finally got our wedding date set! Now it's official! We are getting married in April! It wasn't easy: we had to run around Moscow for weeks collecting different papers from various officials. We didn't plan to get everything done on Valentine's Day - but this date was set when we applied online for turning in our papers. I guess it's a good sign! And very romantic.. :-) I was somewhat worried that we missed some detail or document and something would go wrong.. but it was perfect! Now I'm starting to worry about the wedding! :-)

After this very important event we had a huge lunch and celebrated! It's the biggest plate of sushi we've even had! haha Later I had another appointment and we returned home late in the evening: very tired but glad :-) And we announced the winners of our TOYHOP Valentine's Day contest: you can find them on Facebook and we'll post them later on Michael's blog.

What was your Valentine's Day like?


Sarah said...

Wow your sushi platter looks amazing! I would kill for some of that right now lol.

- Sarah

Katia said...

Congrats!!! You must be super excited, and its definitely super romantic that it all worked out on Valentine's Day ;)
Mine was filled with cookies and classes and cupcakes and family!

My stomach is officially grumbling like CRAZY that sushi looks so amazing - I'm glad though, because I have plans to have sushi with a friend tomorrow! Woohoo!


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