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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Spring is wonderful! We get to spend more time together and walk in the sun! This week we had our first married date! I have to say it's even better than a regular date! Oh, I love my bunbun! And we love ! It's a chinese cafe serving wok dishes, asian style soups and dim sums as well as quartered Pekin duck! And you can observe the entire cooking process in the open-kitchen. There are only two Zю cafes in Moscow now, so it's always so much fun when we get there!

The same day after lunch we had a loooong walk and ended up in our favorite Starlite diner for deserts. Who could resist that?!

Happy Friday, everyone!


Chelsea said...

YUMMY! Hope that married life is treating you well! :)

Katia said...

Yum asian food and YUM dessert!

Asian foods all around tend to be my favourite - or at least, the asian foods they serve in other countries :$ ! Who knows what it's like in asia itself! Hehe.


Kirsten said...

I shouldn't have read/looked at this post before dinner. I would love to reach through the computer and eat every bit of that food right now.

Congrats on your first married date!

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