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Monday, July 23, 2012

lomography monday: x-rayed diana film

Husband and I travel a lot and we usually have a couple of film cameras with us. And I never before had my film damaged with x-ray! I always have my cameras with film in my carry-on bag, they are scanned in a security check point but it never influenced any roll before. Before this 120mm roll inside my Diana.

All these photos are from Russia, they flew with us from Moscow to New York, then to Minneapolis and to Spokane. I didn't have a chance to develop them in Russia, so I didn't take them out of Diana and just packed. When I got them developed in Sandpoint I was quite surprised. I had an x-ray fog all over them and  8 out of 15 shots had exposed waves on them!

The processing lab can't separate x-ray fog from camera exposure, it is impossible to correct this damage in the duplicating or printing process. You can also see the effect of the x-rays on film that looks like a "wave" that runs across the pictures. This shades will be seen on the developed, scanned and printed film. Here's what I got:

After reading about saving the film rolls from the x-rays I decided to share some advises with everyone. So here's what we should do/avoid doing:

Buy rolls wherever you go. Have them processed there.
Never ship unprocessed film as checked luggage. Keep all unprocessed film as carry-on baggage. I had my film traveling in checked baggage before and everything was OK but you don't want to gamble with your film... :-)
Ask the security officers at an airport for a manual inspection.

More official info: TSA - Traveling with Film


chachamisu said...

you have great photos, travel with lomo seems very fun. I haven't tried. The double exposure is beautiful. I am now following. Nice to know your blog.

Nataya Chachamisu
Chachamisu Photography & Travel
Naty Ponders Style

Lublyou said...

thanks a lot, Nataya!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness you have alot of talent! And I'm sooo jealous of all your world gallivanting! x

Gina said...

Oh goodness, you have a beautiful blog. You're so talented...love the film!


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