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Thursday, February 7, 2013

winter nights in Idaho plus life lately

Sandpoint Idaho winter
Sandpoint Idaho winter

These photos were taken a month ago but as usually just forgotten on the camera card. This is what our town looks like after 5pm. I should say though that it's getting better and better, and I hope the groundhog was right and the spring is coming very soon. I just don't have enough energy lately, and days seem to pass by so quickly that I don't keep up with them. I have so many plans and ideas for the photo adventures but it gets dark early and it's cold outside.

On the bright side though, we have some really nice things going on: every day we're slowly turning our new place into a cozy home, slowly we're creating a new online shop (so excited to share it with you soon!); tonight we're going out with our friends who we haven't seen since December(!); tomorrow night we are having a corporate party in my favorite local restaurant (yay!); and on Saturday we're having a dinner out with Ben's parents! 

Right now I'm waiting for the neighbors to pick up their laundry from the dryer so I can finally use it. Yep, we have one washer and one dryer in the basement of our house that is used by 4 families (and sometimes it feels like other people in the neighborhood know about it, too...). Ah, downtown small apartment life.. :-)

Sandpoint Idaho winter
Sandpoint Idaho winter
Sandpoint Idaho winter


Anonymous said...

That snow looks lovely!
If that happened here in South Carolina, people would be freaking out.

Briseidy said...

it looks beautiful!

Anna said...

haha, you can come use our dryer!!
I'm excited to see what your shop has! and enjoy the weekend, sounds like some fun plans. :)

his little lady said...

Here's hoping that Spring is just around the corner, although I do love snow! I think it's just so peaceful and beautiful!
xo TJ

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

These pics look so surreal yet very beautiful! :)


Unknown said...

The sunlight coming through the clouds is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

such a beautiful town!

Rachel said...

Hurray for days getting longer! And sharing laundry facilities isn't that fun. Only one time my family ever had to do that--when we lived in a campground for nine weeks. I'm so grateful for my own washer and dryer!

krysta said...

Hello there! I'm visiting from Jessica Who. How beautiful is all that snow!

lucia said...

Love the snowy night photos- its a secret, but I actually love winter!

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