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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lomography Monday: Ansco 1090 AFS Part 2

Ansco 1090 AFS film trees
Ansco 1090 AFS winter field in Sandpoint
Ansco 1090 AFS portrait
Ansco 1090 AFS feet
Ansco 1090 AFS footsteps on snow
Ansco 1090 AFS mountains in snow Sandpoint
Ansco 1090 AFS winter snow
Ansco 1090 AFS dark in the house

Last Monday I posted the first batch of film photos from Ansco 1090 AFS camera, here's the second part, mostly winter snowy views, and a few pictures of Ben. I wish the last one worked with flash: it's Ben putting his shoes on in our new living room. But I kind of like it the way it is, a little bit dark and mysterious :-) 

Today I'm off (yay!), chatting with my brother, cooking soup for lunch and playing with Sonya bunny. Ben is at work and I miss him, I can't wait to see him for lunch! Our weekend was super relaxing anti-productive: we slept a lot, walked around the town, had a dinner with Ben's parents, ran (can this be described as a productive activity?) and ended up watching 2 DVDs worth of Eureka last night. Now I have a huge list if things to do both on- and offline and I hope I can go through most of it today. Wishing you all a great week!


Briseidy said...

love the colors of the first photo!
hope you are having a nice day off :)

Elif said...

Its so cool that you get to try out all of these extremely cool cameras and experiment with them. I really love these shots because I love film photography! Snow looks even better in film :)

lisa said...

These are such pretty pics! My husband only shoots with film and I love it- especially the saturated colors. Snow pics are so beautiful!

helen said...

such beautiful beautiful film photos!!!

Unknown said...

your photos are so beautiful!
- Aimee

Matthew Spade said...

Sounds like a sweet weekend to me, the film is coming out great

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