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Thursday, September 13, 2012

wham, bam, instagram!

via instagram @chestnutmocha

Our week in instagrams: food, autumn, pets. A little bit more in detail:

- noticing more and more leaves turning yellow and red;
- still harvesting yummy little treats from our garden;
- my new favorite shoes. Now I either need to go on vacation down south or wait and hope it gets warmer here;
- following our recent obsession with Polaroid we got Instant Love - a great book covering such questions as light, tips and tricks when shooting with an old instant camera. Love it!
- that spider on our porch.. it's still growing! I can't believe how big it is and I'm wondering where will it go when it gets cold;
- while it's not too cold yet we try to have as many meals on the fresh air as possible;
- although we really enjoy our evenings cuddling on a couch with Starbucks hot cocoa;
- sometimes we go out to watch a pretty sunset. We prefer to go to a park and walk while enjoying the view because it's almost impossible to sit and not get frozen :-)

What was your week like? Did you instagram it? Share with us! Let's be insta-friends!


Katia said...

So much autumn-y red in the first few pics - love it :) I also love gourds, I was looking through them at a little fruit market not to buy but just to look! Awe love them.


The Management said...

okay... that is a GIANT spider! do you think it might lay eggs? do spiders lay eggs in the fall? weird!

KnittedFox said...

That spider is scary looking. -_-;

Oh So Amelia said...

Great photos.
Thanks for linking up at the Friday Chaos

laura g said...

Those shoes are aaamaaazing, so brave x

Sara said...

Your life is so colorful! Totally interested in that book Instant Love, maybe you could do a review of it?

Chelsea Olivia said...

your instagram pictures are always my favorite! what filter do you usually use? just followed you on instagram ps :)

Alma Boheme said...

love the IG snippets. I love how they capture life little moments in such a simple way. Great shots!

Rachel said...

Awesome pics! I love the set up of your blog.. and am amazed that you have these pictures lined up so wonderfully! Blogger always gives me a hard time!!
Russia?!? So cool! My parents only went to Pennsylvania haha. I need a vacation!!

xo Rachel


Sarah said...

what a gorgeous cat!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

your photos are lovely.. and your kitty is especially gorgeous <3 <3 xx

Chelsea said...

Did you redo your blog design?? It's sooo lovely!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

your instagram pictures are unbelievably good.

Katherine said...

i love your instagram feed - your instagrams are always so pretty. and i love that image of the cherry- your nails are so cute

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Victoria said...

i adore your photos!!

that pinecone heart is my fave i think :)

happy friday!

Jenniffier said...

What beautiful pictures and I adore the mosaic you made. How did you do that?

Lublyou said...

Thank you!
@Jenniffier Kramer - I make all the photos the same size and put them together in pairs in Photoshop :-)

Unknown said...

Love this:) Thanks for linking up with me!!

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