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Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer in Review

This summer was amazing! I couldn't wish for more: i spent it with my family and B and this is what we did:

~ we had many picnics and even camped (although indoors)
~ B went to the US and had many adventures in Idaho, New York and even took me to Montana!
~ meanwhile I visited an old Russian town
~ we ate apples and baked pies
~ we celebrated a little..and some more and more

sunflowers make me happy
nails: summer edition
sunny Moscow
warm sunsets
getting ready for the 4th
vivid and juicy
homemade lemonade

Well, bye-bye, Summer, you were amazing! In Russia September means it's Autumn already which is a little bit sad... but now as we are together again i'm sure it will be the best fall ever! 
Wishing you all Happy September!


another feather said...

Thank you for stopping by, your summer sounds perfect! you can follow by selecting 'follow' at the top tool bar of the blog (the same bar most blogger blogs have). I can't believe we are already into september! xo

shari said...

Lovely photos! I'm glad you two are together again! You've done some wonderful things this summer! I loved this summer, too.... what a blessing. Love heat, fresh fruit, love, hiking, camping, everything about summer!!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Ahh! That cake is too cute!

Lublyou said...

Hi, Shari! Yes, it's so great to have B back in Russia.. but it's still a bit sad that he lives not close enough to me. We can't wait to be together one day so we come home after work and have dinners together.. you know? must be wonderful..

Hi Megan! Yes, we made a special 4th of July cake! The full version is here: http://chestnutmocha.blogspot.com/2011/07/happy-4th-america.html

Fenny Setiawan said...

Lovely nail colors, matching the leave....oh but of course inspiring photo and outing too :)

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