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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 I baked cupcakes using a kit from Accessorize - the liners were great, the recipe too, but the icing bag popped and I had to use a spoon to decorate my cupcakes.

 After 3 years I'm finally back to cross-stitching! I find it exciting again :-)

We had snails in garlic butter for lunch last Thursday! Pretty interesting, and it was worth trying :-)

We are planning some big surprises soon, also this week we have guests from France! Stay tuned and have a fantastic week!


Alice Barton said...

so nice! all exept the snails, sorry, I don't like them at all! it's very typical to have them over here in Valencia, Spain, especially in rice dishes. xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Anonymous said...

the cupcake is so cute (as are you!).

Contemplating Beauty said...

Oh i want those cupcakes and I want to learn to embroider or cross stitch, cute!

Katia said...

yummm escargot!! ;) Delicious! Love the looks of that cupcake too, yum!


Maya said...

You have such a nice blog, I'm following now

henning love said...

what? snails?? where did you buy them at?? i tried them for the first time last summer and sorry i will pass. my husband loves them though

genevieve said...

That cupcake looks like absolute, pure deliciousness. I can't believe you decorated it with a spoon; it looks fantastic!

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