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Thursday, February 28, 2013

embracing the last days of winter

Sandpoint Idaho winter
Mickinnick Trail Sandpoint Idaho
winter moss Idaho
boyfriend sweater

Thank you all for your wonderful comments here on the blog, especially on this post! I love reading your thoughts and ideas, I feel so grateful for having such thoughtful readers! Last Saturday I woke up in the morning and felt like I really needed to go outside. I didn't want our regular coffee shop date, no lemon cake, no road trips, no shopping - I just wanted to go walking in the woods and mountains. I really miss summer and all the fun hikes, picnics and adventures. 

I put on Ben's wool sweater that my parents gave him for his birthday a year ago. It brought back so many good family memories. We walked on a snowy trail, no one was around, it was very quiet and calm, and smelled so wonderfullŠ½! When we came home I filled our bath with hot water and lavender foam, lit a candle, grabbed a book and took an hour alone. Ben played some nice music and even brought me a glass of wine. It felt pretty good and recharging. I hope to go more outside every week, we're thinking of taking Sonya bunny on walks again as it gets warmer.

l'occitane lavender foaming bath
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Briseidy said...

this photos are beautiful!

Matthew Spade said...

we are friends on there yes! take advantage while it lasts, if you can stand it. i'm not keen on the snow but it makes for fab photos

mizhenka said...

Your photographs are always so delightful.

The Adventurer said...

A. I just need you to know that I DID send you a package (fin.na.lly). So sorry it took 800 years.

B. I feel the breath almost knocked out of me looking at these photos. As a Texas girl, more over a Houstonian, these landscapes are nowhere any remotely close to me. And I need them. My soul needs them. I can't get over how this is so close to you. You are so lucky, friend! Enjoy the end of winter, drink it in, live it.

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos.

xoxo, Oleah

Unknown said...

I love the blanketed quiet of a snow day. So beautiful!


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