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Sunday, April 8, 2012

plastic set

These are my film cameras (except LomoKino and a few more that were in the other room at the moment). The last one is my newest underwater heart camera that i'm taking with me for our honemoon... :-)
My biggest addiction right now is Diana F+ CMYK - a birthday gift from Ben - it is full of surprises and fun! I can't wait to get the film developed!

PS: you can find more info about these cameras in our previous posts:
Golden Half
Disderi 3 Lens Robot Camera 
Instax Mini 7
Disderi Quad Lens
LomoKino (we haven't found a place to scan the movies yet)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness that's like Christmas to me! You're so lucky to have those!

Unknown said...

amazing! i can't believe you won so many beautiful cameras. we are thinking of getting adding a new one as well, something more compact, maybe. Always love your pictures!

A "cheery" disposition said...

wow, you have so many! I need to add a little more to my collection. I love film cameras!

Percy Owl said...

Great collection! I'm thinking about adding a diana mini or a russian FED 5B to my collection.

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