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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in review: july

We started July with the Independence Day celebration, then later we also had time to bake, have picnics and pick apples!

The rest of July was hard and long because Benjamin had to go back home to get a new visa and stuff.. so we were far away from each other, across the ocean and 11 hours apart. We started From Far Away Sunday series so we could share with each other the same moments or things from Russia and the US. Like this, this and this. Ben also wrote more stories and drew more nice things, like this fantastic bunny for me:
We had lots of fun watching this bunny jumping contest and playing with our instax mini, Disderi 4 lens camera and the Golden Half!

And of course we were outside a lot: I was taking pictures of the nature creatures and Mister went hiking, fishing and other stuff that made me jealous haha But most of all we missed each other!

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Anonymous said...

that's such a cute drawing!

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